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Definition of allegorical


constituting or containing allegory.

Melville specifically denies at the beginning of his story that it is allegorical - which it patently is.

allegorical definition and meaning. What does allegorical definination?

Example of allegorical

  • A jaunty cow recounts an allegorical tale of bad blood in the herd.

  • All scripture and religious doctrine that conflict with reason must be interpreted allegorically , so as to express moral insights.

  • an allegorical painting

  • Do you mean for viewers to interpret the film allegorically ?

  • He himself denied any allegorical significance in his work.

  • His most characteristic works were figures or groups of a historical, literary, allegorical , or symbolic nature.

  • His narratives, in which he translates current events, are too allegorical to be history, yet too mutable to be myth.

  • I just can't join the bandwagon of rabble rousers determined to endow basic biological functions with allegorical status.

  • I'm always a little nervous about allegorical poems, especially when the subject of the allegory is a long time ago in a land far, far away.

  • In a society dominated by allegorical and historical painting, his scenes of contemporary life were regarded as a novelty.

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