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Definition of air


a jump off the ground on a snowboard or skateboard.

a tune or short melodious composition, typically a song.

The talented Dordan group has won widespread acclaim for their unique sound - a blend of lively traditional jigs and reels, haunting slow airs , traditional songs along with mazurkas, sonatinas and waltzes.

an impression of a quality or manner given by someone or something.

he leaned over with a confidential air

expose (a room) to the open air in order to ventilate it.

Try to avoid foods that seem to trigger your symptoms; air rooms well so that cooking or tobacco smells don't build up.

express (an opinion or grievance) publicly.

We were not trying to reach any conclusion, it was more an opportunity for people to air their views.

air definition and meaning. What does air definination?

Example of air

  • air attack

  • air pollution

  • air traffic

  • air travel is cheaper in the winter

  • A goatee instantly adds an air of distinguished maturity to one's appearance.

  • all goods must come in by air

  • All windows are open to air the rooms and with only shutters to keep out little intruders the level of noise is unbearable.

  • An air of mystery surrounds plans being drawn up for a new road that will cut out the bad bends at the notorious Cononley Lane Ends.

  • Breathing fresh air is vital, so get outdoors as much as possible.

  • he celebrated by tossing his hat high in the air

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