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They headed their way to the school garden, which was aglow with a thousand shimmering lights.

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  • And because the cloud itself is aglow in infrared light - also an effect of dust - seeing inside it is all the harder.

  • As a result of the dusty conditions the flare set the entire night sky aglow in a wash of brilliant red which faded gradually to orange, then to black.

  • At night, the city is aglow in light cast by red lanterns, scattered throughout Old Town and high in the surrounding hills.

  • He didn't say anything, and he was peering at me inscrutably through the darkness when I looked at him again, his eyes aglow in the porch light.

  • Her left side is slightly aglow from the luminous of the fire, an orange to her tan skin.

  • his bald head aglow under the lights

  • I also see the stadium lights aglow in the distance… I wonder is what going on down there this evening?

  • Sara stood there dressed in dusty rose and ivory, mahogany-brown hair aglow in the light of the sun as she stared behind him to the easel.

  • Suddenly aglow under the light bulb of an idea dancing above his head, Paul Reinhard turned to his typing machine.

  • The aesthetically perfect world of Los Nubes is perpetually aglow with the warm light of an autumn sunset, or dramatic moonlight.

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