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Definition of affinity


a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.

They have a natural affinity with traditional country music which is the kind I do in my show.

affinity definition and meaning. What does affinity definination?

Example of affinity

  • a building with no affinity to contemporary architectural styles

  • Across the continent there were marked continuities in physical characteristics and cultural features, and many linkages based on relations of kinship, affinity , exchange, and religion.

  • All investigated specimens show a remarkable affinity to D. (A.) tyrolensis.

  • As you say, you have no experience, but I have seen you with William and you appear to have a natural affinity with children.

  • Besides the long-range interactions it makes with neighboring protease residues, the binding affinity of a peptide also depends on its own conformation.

  • Early Carboniferous coral faunas of the block have a strong Eurasian affinity , with two recognized coral faunas from two ecological facies having been recognized.

  • He also suggested that Polyzoniida may have a closer affinity to Glomeridesmida than to the other colobognath taxa.

  • he had a special affinity with horses

  • he has an affinity for the music of Berlioz

  • He showed a special affinity for the understanding and performance of the music of Rachmaninoff.

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