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Synonyms of adorable


Definition of adorable


inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.

She told me it was adorable … clothes for little girls and matching clothes for their dolls as well.

adorable definition and meaning. What does adorable definination?

Example of adorable

  • ‘Hey, Jeanna,’ Krystalyn said, instantly smiling at Jeanna's adorableness .

  • Although he'd ultimately outgrow his cherub-like adorableness , he, too transitioned into his teenage years skillfully, keeping a realistic tone to his portrayal of those inevitably clumsy years.

  • And Lauren loved him for all his sweet adorableness , and pure innocence, and she smiled.

  • For now, she's just a kitten, and one of the most adorable ones we've ever come across.

  • Gillian showed me just a small sample of the many adorable letters and pictures they receive from children each year.

  • He's adorable , about two years old, part Maaori with a halo of light brown curls.

  • I have four adorable Siamese cats

  • I'm still in shock from the after effects of that kiss, surprised at my own daring and marveling at Jake's sheer adorableness at the same time.

  • In the afternoon I go to see the zebras and check on the two new foals which were born just a few days ago - they're adorable .

  • Inspired by the latest episode of Girls Gone Wild, he travels to Wisconsin with his adorably awkward manservant, Soren.