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Definition of admit


accept as valid.

the courts can refuse to admit police evidence that has been illegally obtained

allow (someone) to enter a place.

I almost didn't come because I was afraid you would ask me to tell you what I know before admitting me to your cloister.

allow the possibility of.

Good and evil are to be defined as absolutes on religious authority, admitting of neither critical judgement nor reduction.

confess to be true or to be the case, typically with reluctance.

I politely refused at first, but after their urgings I finally shamefacedly admitted that I could only eat food cooked with bottled water.

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Example of admit

  • A sub-zero wind chased us round every corner, but since moving downstairs would be to admit defeat, we stayed put for an hour and a quarter and slowly solidified into blocks of ice.

  • A ticket costing 988 yuan will admit visitors to the performance, lucky draw and dinner.

  • after searching for an hour, she finally had to admit defeat

  • Are you embarrassed to swallow your pride and admit your oversight?

  • But the court in the Mobley case refused to admit this evidence.

  • He undertook his mission of preaching against the heresy with relish but was soon forced to admit failure.

  • His refusal to admit failure was breathtaking.

  • I didn't want to move back home; I didn't want to admit defeat.

  • I have to admit I was relieved when he left

  • If, or when, the technique is widely accepted, a judge may have to decide whether to admit test results as evidence.

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