admiration Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of admiration
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Definition of admiration


respect and warm approval.

I have tremendous respect and admiration for the firefighters that are working here day and night on this fire.

admiration definition and meaning. What does admiration definination?

Example of admiration

  • All her life she's never done anything that has been worthy of my admiration and respect.

  • All of the people I came in contact with were amazing in their own way and I have much respect and admiration for them.

  • And I have nothing but complete love, and respect and admiration for the whole family.

  • But the one who's most captured the admiration of everyone is a local bloke.

  • But we also have hope: that we can be worthy of the occasional admiration we have enjoyed in the past.

  • Everyone was full of praise and admiration for the people who worked so hard to make this trip so memorable.

  • Hartmann is a genuine hero of our times, worthy of admiration , and a composer who obviously knows his stuff.

  • He expects and receives the admiration of his family and everyone else.

  • Her fashion creation won the admiration of a group of international judges who had to pick winners from a total of 400 entries.

  • her house was the admiration of everyone