Definition of Unite


come or bring together for a common purpose or action.

By the time order was restored, it was clear that the whole family were united in boredom.

Unite definition and meaning. What does Unite definination?

Example of Unite

  • Clearly, reading, as well as revolution, is the intertextual glue that unites these three novels.

  • Each facet is like a puzzle piece - gather them together, unite them and the whole picture begins to emerge.

  • he aimed to unite Italy and Sicily under his imperial crown

  • he called on the party to unite

  • Hence he now tries to show how united the whole Torah is and attempts to relate it to life.

  • Holding such an historic event here would be seen as a gesture to unite the whole country, one which would bring the monarchy back to the people - all the people.

  • I also aim to unite people together in trying to secure a living allowance for all students.

  • I think it also showed New Yorkers that the whole United States united behind New York.

  • In fact, unless I miss my guess, five of the seven are united in whole or part by a single topic: tort reform.

  • It also split rather than united the whole population, making the families withdraw into their ethnic groups.

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