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Trouble meaning in Bengali

"Trouble meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for Trouble? What does Trouble mean? Trouble definition and meaning.

Definition of Trouble


cause distress or anxiety to.

He went to trial a broken man, depressed and troubled by acute anxieties.

difficulty or problems.

He quietly worked out his own problems, choosing not to burden others with his troubles .

public unrest or disorder.

The test was designed to simulate what would happen if their offices became unusable in the event of a wide-scale power loss or crowd trouble .

Trouble definition and meaning. What does Trouble definination?

Example of Trouble

  • An emergency planning manager with the ambulance service was told the plane had engine trouble before the crash.

  • An enemy combatant posing as a taxi driver claimed to have engine trouble .

  • Crowd trouble at Bulldogs' matches has also contributed to the fall in attendances, but nothing seems to be able to stop their winning run.

  • Families went to great lengths to avoid neighbors and friends finding out their daughter had ‘got herself into trouble ’.

  • he didn't trouble to thank me

  • his behaviour used to get him into trouble

  • I had trouble finding somewhere to park

  • I remember getting in trouble with a policeman for scrumping.

  • I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble

  • In recent years the main story behind this fixture has been one of crowd trouble but this gets barely a sentence in the whole book.