Sure Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of Sure

Definition of Sure


certainly (used for emphasis).

Texas sure was a great place to grow up

confident in what one thinks or knows; having no doubt that one is right.

This has been done keeping in mind the fact that fans of the game are often not too sure about the various positions of the players in the game.

Sure definition and meaning. What does Sure definination?

Example of Sure

  • Actium's impressive gardens are a defining feature and are sure to prove a strong selling point.

  • are you sure you're alright?

  • are you sure?

  • Besides those two, the club does have a few sure bets for success.

  • Evidence of derelict buildings being refurbished at council expense are a sure sign of the nature of the trust.

  • he fired with a sure aim

  • he ran the company with a sure and steady hand

  • He told me, as if he was absolutely sure of this fact.

  • he was always sure of getting a warm welcome

  • I asked if I could come back and they said sure, anytime