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Definition of Sufficient


enough; adequate.

This does not seem to be sufficient to warrant a conclusion that one is more readable than the other.

Sufficient definition and meaning. What does Sufficient definination?

Example of Sufficient

  • Although he did not name her, there was sufficient detail for her to be traced by the media.

  • Check with your plumber that the style you like gives sufficient output to heat the room.

  • Even my basic Spanish was sufficient to understand that this was a flamenco school.

  • Falkirk were again pinned down but seemed to have sufficient bodies back behind the ball.

  • For Susan a single treatment was sufficient for a breakthrough in her health due to her youth.

  • He took what action he could to avoid the car but it wasn't sufficient to stop the accident.

  • I could see that at this rate the five we'd brought were not going to be sufficient .

  • I find that two minutes on a high setting is sufficient to provide comforting warmth.

  • If I had not had sufficient cash on me I would have had to find my own way to the nearest cash machine.

  • If it can do all that in sufficient numbers, it might be enough to start spooking its rivals.