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(especially of a change or distinction) so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.

I miss subtle changes in language over a magazine's course.

Subtle definition and meaning. What does Subtle definination?

Example of Subtle

  • As time went by, a subtle change began to overtake her, transforming her by degrees into another person hardly recognizable to her children.

  • But the catches have been going down faster than the quotas and environmentalists suspect the bigger factor is a chain of subtle changes triggered by a slight rise in temperature in the North Sea.

  • Creamy nutty oak flavours backing up some subtle fruit flavours of nectarine, peach and apple juice.

  • For how spare it is, the track is incredibly moving as every subtle change and alteration in the slowly accumulating tones takes on heavy emotional weight.

  • He will use diplomatic methods and more subtle military pressure.

  • However, the truth is the mind is very subtle and it has the ability to rationalize which can turn the obvious into the ambiguous, and vice versa.

  • However, when both languages are in the same book, subtle differences make it difficult for some readers, usually those reading in Spanish.

  • I miss subtle changes in language over a magazine's course.

  • Instead, these works are subtle and quiet, yet filled with mood.

  • It is subtle and clever and knows how to get our attention.