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Definition of Stolid


(of a person) calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation.

You may know that behind the stolid face of the busboy, foodworker and hotel maid there's a story.

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Example of Stolid

  • After an initial consensus that it was daring and different, a new consensus emerged that it was stolid and indifferent.

  • But then I realized I actually agree with the sentiment, if not the stolid expression of it.

  • Devotees of classical music don't ordinarily associate the American south with the more stolid traditions of European art forms.

  • He lives in the whitewashed croft his family have owned for generations and while there is the stolidity of a Highlander about him, with a latent strength in the broad shoulders and a stout work ethic, the blue eyes still twinkle.

  • He sat stolidly in a folding chair, clutching a photo of his son.

  • He stood stolidly enough in the dock, but in life he lost his temper, cried easily - cried in front of the vice-principal of the school where he worked; cried in front of the police when they came to ask questions.

  • He was as solid as his father and as stolid as his uncle: an opening bat who could bowl a useful off-break.

  • I remember her as being a rather slow, stolid girl.

  • If we simply want the clarity without the alterity and possibility of deferral, our writing fixes into stolidness and cliché, and even a sense of constriction, while also limiting the reader's response and imagination.

  • If you want a symbol of Britishness, look no further than the stolid calm that came over London last Thursday.