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Definition of Spurious


not being what it purports to be; false or fake.

All claims to objectivity become spurious and illusory.

Spurious definition and meaning. What does Spurious definination?

Example of Spurious

  • All claims to objectivity become spurious and illusory.

  • And what is worse, they use their learning to invent spurious reasons for non-payment of the tax.

  • For a variety of spurious reasons, our network is being changed.

  • He also said the industry's claims that tourism would be unaffected were as spurious as its claims about property prices.

  • I agree that there are cases where people who would genuinely be good adopters seem to be turned down for rather spurious reasons - age, race, or social class.

  • I could find all sorts of spurious reasons why I needed to continue smoking.

  • Insurers who try to wriggle out of critical illness claims for the most spurious of reasons are being forced to pay up by a leading consumer watchdog.

  • It is even conducting a survey, for the most spurious of reasons, of voluntary health organisations, asking them about their links to pharmaceutical companies.

  • It is very easy, I think, for the Government to bring up some basically extremely spurious reasons why this moratorium should be continued, but there is no logic to it.

  • It is what it is, and it's best not to invent spurious reasons to discard evidence just because you don't like it.