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Synonyms of Spiritless


Definition of Spiritless


lacking courage, vigor, or vivacity.

It is to be distinguished from his dread of a stagnant and spiritless despotism.

Spiritless definition and meaning. What does Spiritless definination?

Example of Spiritless

  • And here I assumed you to be a spiritless little waif!

  • Benjamin Disraeli blamed the Act of 1774 for ‘all those flat, dull spiritless streets, all resembling each other, like a large family of plain children.’

  • But last year the Eagles were spiritless , hopeless and less competitive than even the hapless Dockers.

  • But the answer, from all parties involved - advertisers, buyers, and networks - appears to be a resounding, but spiritless , ‘No.’

  • He enjoyed a physical survival, and wrote short, spiritless articles in Comintern journals.

  • He imagined it would be like lying with a dead woman, so spiritless was her expression.

  • He is so spiritless and cowardly that even while his exposed teeth are pretending a threat, the rest of his face is apologizing for it.

  • He looked at me plainly, his face emotionless, lips flat, eyes spiritless , forehead smooth.

  • Her thoughts were spiritless ; she had no energy.

  • I come to that conclusion based upon the spiritless performance City put up against Pompey last Saturday.