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a medicinal herb, or a medicine made from one.

Won't you come back to Wittenberg and heal the sick with your drugs and simples as you did before?

composed of a single element; not compound.

A lively dance; the music from Shakespeare's time is often in simple rather than compound metre.

easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

The language used by the insurance broker should be simple and easily understood by the man on the street.

of low or abnormally low intelligence.

Marx always emphasised that we can learn more from intelligent conservatives than from simple liberals.

of or characteristic of low rank or status; humble and unpretentious.

Mole is a creature of great loyalty and peace, satisfied to live a quiet and simple life.

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Example of Simple

  • simple fraction

  • All the fundamental paradoxes are true for one simple reason: they are truths.

  • And no one knows how many children in our schools are there illegally for a simple reason.

  • At any other time she would have done the exact same, made an excuse as to why she didn't make him apologise, when in truth the reason was quite simple .

  • Cabin design is simple and modern, and finished in good quality materials.

  • do you think I'm simple?

  • He slid under my guard and kicked me straight through anger into simple depression.

  • he's a simple soul

  • In fact, until recently, it has long been considered that the greenback dollar was a defective note, so simple in design that it was easy to fake.

  • Inside the box was a band of white gold, a plain, simple band, with a single, simply cut diamond on it.

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