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Definition of Sedition


conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

Those arrested are being charged with sedition and disturbing the peace.

Sedition definition and meaning. What does Sedition definination?

Example of Sedition

  • Although dead, she is variously accused of sedition , immorality and complicity with the government policy of ethnic cleansing.

  • During disputes, he and other government ministers have churned out statements that all but equate strikes with sedition .

  • He said that his lawyer advised him to leave Kenya as it was rumoured that he would soon be charged with sedition and treason.

  • In March 1848, authorities charged several leading nationalists with sedition .

  • In times of wars the church stood at the forefront of sedition and treason, unless it saw some advantage for itself.

  • Military officials initially told the press that he might face charges of espionage and sedition , even treason.

  • Most revealing is the radical extension of the law of sedition .

  • Of course, I'll probably have been tried by a military tribunal and stuck in some deep dark hole for sedition by that point.

  • The aspect of sedition that deals with inciting violence and lawlessness is more appropriately part of public order law.

  • The civil law world also has known heresy, treason and sedition , though the first has disappeared with the rights of expression born of the enlightenment.

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