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Definition of Scatter


a small, dispersed amount of something.

She was five foot five inches tall and had a scatter of freckles across her nose.

throw in various random directions.

She started clawing at the mattress until she broke it open and scattered the fluffy insides all over the cell.

Scatter definition and meaning. What does Scatter definination?

Example of Scatter

  • scatter the coconut over the icing

  • After one group had enough exercise and fresh air, they would retreat to their bunkers and the next small group would scatter forth.

  • Crack an egg onto the potatoes and scatter the cheese evenly over the surface.

  • Crumble the filling over the dough and press it down into the surface, then scatter the currants evenly across the dough.

  • Even as the three artists scatter to different corners of the globe, they're together building the shape of music to come.

  • Everything from delicious sausages to organic vegetables to honeys and jams were on show, luring a scatter of people to dip their hands into their pockets.

  • Flow cytometry showed a population of cells with slightly greater forward and side scatter than that of normal lymphocytes.

  • He reached down again, this time to scatter the animals, and they ran for the lakes, forests, mountains and trees.

  • His daughter, Marielle, plans to come to Scotland to scatter some of his ashes but the rest will be taken to Vietnam.

  • his family is hoping to scatter his ashes at sea