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Definition of Rouse


bring out of sleep; awaken.

When we visited his house, a national monument from the nineteenth century, the docent who let us in seemed to have been roused from a nap.

cause to feel angry or excited.

Folk tunes rest easy in a sharp, modern arrangement that rouses and quiets with equal success.

stir (a liquid, especially beer while brewing).

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Example of Rouse

  • ‘I just hope she does not rouse the anger of those on board Starline,’ muttered Arzenes.

  • ‘Mmm, no,’ I protested to whoever was shaking my shoulder gently, trying to rouse me from sleep.

  • ‘Of course not,’ she replied, her curiosity roused by his accent.

  • ‘Revenge and death,’ he muttered, trying to rouse anger to replace the sudden fear that coiled in his belly.

  • ‘We should go to them, Klessa,’ he said, rousing me from my admiration of the knife's blade in the sunlight.

  • rouse the beer as the hops are introduced

  • rouse the cable out

  • After half an hour or so a sexton will bustle in to prepare for Mass, and Nora will rouse herself and peek outside.

  • Any ruler who wishes to attain his noblest ends must rouse himself to follow the dictates of virtue in all his public acts.

  • He set his equipment beside the campfire, patted Tyler's head enough to make him just start to rouse , then flashed a wicked grin before moving to the shadows.

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