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Synonyms of Refer


Definition of Refer


mention or allude to.

Cultures treated in this manner are hereafter referred to as washed cells.

pass a matter to (another body, typically one with more authority or expertise) for a decision.

disagreement arose and the issue was referred back to the Executive Committee

trace or attribute something to (someone or something) as a cause or source.

Unsurprisingly, Gallo refers everything back to his childhood, mining his youth for anecdotes.

Refer definition and meaning. What does Refer definination?

Example of Refer

  • refer all queries to the press officer

  • A decision to refer a matter to the minister depends on its sensitivity, demands on resources, need for a political judgement, and uncertainty about the minister's reactions.

  • A link anchor refers to the words and pictures on a web page that serve as links to another page.

  • A spokesperson for Mr Cox denied the timing of his decision to refer the issue to the European Court of Justice has anything to do with the date of the EU-US summit.

  • After the Schools Organisation Committee failed to reach a unanimous decision the matter was referred to the Government schools adjudicator.

  • At the moment, your doctor, dentist or optician decides which hospital and consultant you are referred to .

  • doctors will be able to refer patients to a hospital

  • His decision not to refer the matter to the Minister, on the face of the material before the Court, cannot be said to be so unreasonable that no reasonable decision-maker could have made it.

  • I refer my colleague to the reply that I gave some moments ago

  • I refer my honourable friend to the reply that I gave some moments ago