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Definition of Reasonable


(of a person) having sound judgment; fair and sensible.

The coverage cast Mankiw as a reasonable critic and a moderate.

as much as is appropriate or fair; moderate.

The highest burden of proof is enshrined within criminal proceedings and is based upon ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

Reasonable definition and meaning. What does Reasonable definination?

Example of Reasonable

  • A family on a one hundred acre farm should be able to earn a reasonable family income from activities on the property.

  • A government agency is starting to sound reasonable .

  • A scheme member can expect the trustee to respect these wishes, particularly if they are reasonable and appropriate, and if they were updated after the marriage.

  • Bravery also requires recognizing when standing up to these threats is reasonable and appropriate, and it requires acting on one's recognition.

  • Classed as moderate requiring a reasonable level of fitness, it covers 53 km and is available from October this year to April.

  • Consumers are prepared to pay a reasonable price for food products, provided these are safe and produced to a high standard.

  • Even that is limited by what is reasonable and appropriate.

  • He said he was saddened that instead of supporting farmers by buying their produce at a reasonable price, some traders and millers had decided to exploit them.

  • He says that because of the Aristotelian sense, he thinks he is "a reasonable animal".

  • He voted very conservatively, but he appeared to be a moderate, reasonable person because he was candid with the press and open.