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attractively unusual or old-fashioned.

Mostly the book's given over to the impossibly quaint eccentrics Edwin encounters in London.

Quaint definition and meaning. What does Quaint definination?

Example of Quaint

  • After all, look how modern these quaint old institutions are becoming.

  • Along the coast you'll also find a handful of quaint fishing harbours and some great seascapes.

  • Although this may be a polite and quaint custom, it is often of little use to the recipient.

  • Because as quaint as it may sound, some things are more important in life than money.

  • But behind the quaintness , there is, of course, modern life: banks and cash points, supermarkets and even cybercafes hide in the old white buildings.

  • He commented on the quaintness of the Shamrock Theatre and spoke of some of the people he had met when he had organised little plays and exhibitions of Irish Dancing at which he awarded medals to his pupils.

  • Here the ritual of the election night is a quaint old-world tradition closer to pantomime than politics.

  • In my quaint way, I tend to believe that language is supposed to tell you something about the characters on screen.

  • It was not until the next night in a quaint old bar in Amsterdam that the wonder of the whole trip hit me.

  • It's easy to walk through the village and just see old stone, quaint architecture and water.

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