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Synonyms of Prisoner


Definition of Prisoner


a person legally held in prison as a punishment for crimes they have committed or while awaiting trial.

In his view, the conduct of the prisoners in these Russian trials is in full accord with the Russian character.

Prisoner definition and meaning. What does Prisoner definination?

Example of Prisoner

  • 200 rebels were taken prisoner

  • a prisoner serving a life sentence

  • A few days later Churchill was himself taken prisoner when the armoured train that he was travelling on was ambushed at Chieveley.

  • A habeas corpus writ requires the release of a prisoner held without trial or lawful charge.

  • After conquering Troy, you will need to rescue some villagers that have been taken prisoner by an unknown enemy.

  • At the time of the offences the appellant was either in custody on remand or as a serving prisoner .

  • Being taken prisoner , they should resist it and do nothing that would harm their own country.

  • Everybody knew about Hitler's order that no commandos should be taken prisoner .

  • From time to time there would be executions of guerillas taken prisoner by government forces.

  • He was a suffering prisoner of emotions trapped in a cage, but yet he was not.