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having the ugly or frightening appearance of a monster.

In nineteenth-century France several freak shows were banned for fear that the shocking spectacles would cause women to bear monstrous children.

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Example of Monstrous

  • A beautiful dive at 20m, I saw huge coral formations and monstrous sea fans.

  • After a good night's rest, the couple resume their journey appearing more refreshed and less monstrous .

  • Any country that would even seriously consider such a monstrous act certainly isn't going to be shown mercy when war is brought to its civilian population.

  • At 12.59 am, a massive deep sea quake struck just off the coast of Indonesia, sparking a tidal wave of monstrous proportions.

  • Besides these monstrous and horrifying thoughts, the uncontrolled practice of cloning also threatens the dignity of humankind.

  • But I'm still troubled by the fact that they could even consider doing something so monstrous .

  • Charlie's dad is an immense, monstrous presence at the centre of the film.

  • Grendel lives, with his monstrous mother, at the bottom of a foul lake, which a variety of other monsters inhabit.

  • How could such a cruel, monstrous decision exist on the earth?

  • I immediately stopped my car and, smiling wickedly, pulled out the monstrous bag.