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Definition of Monster


an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening.

Now five of the ugly monsters were upon him, he wasn't fairing to well.

criticize or reprimand severely.

my mother used to monster me for coming home so late

Monster definition and meaning. What does Monster definination?

Example of Monster

  • ‘Cinderella is a monster of a production and a fitting way to end this year,’ he says.

  • a monster 36lb carp

  • a monster with the head of a hyena and hindquarters of a wolf

  • Also, Tony scored a monster of a point after 28 minutes, following an excellent pass from Michael.

  • Certainly, if early press reviews are anything to go by, King Kong should become another box office monster itself.

  • Do you know what that little monster did last time he was here?

  • Don is neither the monster nor the beast that James makes him out to be.

  • For my money I got a monster of a sandwich, complete with a side serving of salad and dressing.

  • He became a monster , a cruel and crafty invader who was stopped only by epic courage and perseverance.

  • He got to the turn in 35 two under par and then canned a monster of a putt of around 70 feet at the 10th to move to three under.

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