Mean Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of Mean

Definition of Mean


(especially of a place) poor in quality and appearance; shabby.

her home was mean and small

(of a quantity) calculated as a mean; average.

Sows housed in pens and stalls had similar mean values across all measures with each analysis that was used.

a condition, quality, or course of action equally removed from two opposite (usually unsatisfactory) extremes.

the mean between two extremes

equally far from two extremes.

hope is the mean virtue between despair and presumption

excellent; very skillful or effective.

I see someone funny and sweet who cooks a mean steak and does a lousy John Wayne impression.

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Example of Mean

  • A day out in Edinburgh does usually mean walking around the city, but suppose we just stayed in-doors.

  • Centering consists of subtracting the sample mean from each independent variable.

  • Day has an incredibly luminous screen presence, and in every scene they share, she matches Cagney's swagger with a mean strut of her own.

  • Following convention, quantity terms were normalized using the data means to have mean values of one.

  • He said the Danish result was likely to mean that Britain would not join the EMU as early as had originally been anticipated.

  • he's mean with his money

  • he's no mean hurler

  • However, this does mean the company expects its 2003 fiscal full year to show some growth.

  • I mean no disrespect, but I wish to inform you that your request may not be wholly understood.

  • I mean to leave whatever you say