Logical Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of Logical
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Definition of Logical


of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument.

Mathematicians, or scientists doing mathematics, then investigate the purely logical consequences of the theory.

Logical definition and meaning. What does Logical definination?

Example of Logical

  • logical thought

  • After this discovery, mathematicians increasingly regarded their results as logical consequences of axioms, rather than as absolute truths.

  • Allow yourself to feel the concepts in it without continually analysing the argument for consistency and logical structure.

  • Although this sounds logical on the surface, there is no guaranteeing this will happen.

  • Celebrity campaigning is a logical extension of celebrity charity work, as Princess Diana showed when she took up landmines.

  • Diagnoses were generated according to specified and logical rules.

  • He emphasised it was logical to expect them to hover around the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007.

  • He had taken the car for the very sound, very logical reason that he wanted it.

  • His benign nihilism seems only logical within a society consumed by conflicting and destructive beliefs.

  • However it seems to me that that is a natural and logical progression of thought which could reasonably be based on the reasons advanced by the mother.