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Definition of Lively


full of life and energy; active and outgoing.

she joined a lively team of reporters

Lively definition and meaning. What does Lively definination?

Example of Lively

  • ‘Shanghai is certainly a more lively place with different attractions’ he said, explaining his decision to return.

  • A bonus is the Reading Group Companion Section at the end of the novel, featuring 10 questions sure to stimulate a lively discussion of the book.

  • Active, lively and rugged, they make fun-loving and gentle pets.

  • And steps are being taken to create a lively atmosphere.

  • As it happened, I had a fairly lively and animated discussion with the governor on monetary policy, my favourite hobby horse.

  • Blackpool was an extremely lively place this week.

  • But the bazaar was the only lively place in the area.

  • Daniella was a junior, an honor student, and a lively and cheerful girl.

  • Despite the differences they had lively and interesting discussions about the meaning of life and death.

  • Grins, smiles, and laughter made the market a lively place.