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Definition of Let


(in racket sports) a play that is nullified and has to be played again, especially when a served ball touches the top of the net.

I believe I have a very good understanding of lets and strokes.

allow someone to have the use of (a room or property) in return for regular payments; rent.

She and the children want to move into our rather small house and let her property, thereby providing an income.

award (a contract for a particular project) to an applicant.

A contract was let for 25 buildings across the state in a first round of construction.


If God be with a work, who is he that will let or impede it?

not prevent or forbid; allow.

It's our job to formulate a clear question and let the people decide.

Let definition and meaning. What does Let definination?

Example of Let

  • let A and B stand for X and Y, respectively

  • let AB be the line joining A and B

  • let her say what she likes

  • A contract has been let to Signway Supplies Ltd to replace 142 signs in and around the city.

  • He was going to let in his friend at the front door so they could visit another resident.

  • homeowners will be able to let rooms to lodgers without having to pay tax

  • I let the water cool me down

  • If God be with a work, who is he that will let or impede it?

  • If re-housed, these applicants could sell their property for a profit or let the property and receive a rental income from it.

  • If some want to mount an eleventh-hour challenge, let them come out in the open.