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a person who holds the lease of a property; a tenant.

This would include mortgagees, lessees and the acquirers of other interests, both legal and equitable.

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Example of Lessee

  • After being manager for Montague Penley at the Windsor Theatre, he succeeded to the lesseeship , and in 1841 became manager of the Theatre Royal, Sheffield.

  • During the period of the lease, the lessee is usually prohibited from making improvements on the leased assets.

  • From 1867 to 1882 his success as scene designer made him welcome as a partner in various lesseeships of the Theatre Royal, Melbourne, with Coppin and others.

  • However, when the lease expired the lessee chose not to renew it and now Mr Durney isn't certain what he will do with it.

  • If the covenant has the meaning suggested by the lessees , the lessors are liable for breach of the implied covenant.

  • In a real sense, the lessee leased not only the restaurant premises but the premises in the context of the entire mall as outlined in the site plan.

  • In the lease the lessee 's covenants were contained in clause 4.

  • It also pleaded that it had received Indonesian advice that a foreign company could be a lessee or assignee under a lease.

  • One condition relates to the wish of the lessee to dispose of the lease.

  • Readers should beware of thinking that the tenants, lessees or farmers of the properties were necessarily personally resident therein.

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