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(of punishment or a person in authority) permissive, merciful, or tolerant.

He suggested that leaders on both sides should be more lenient .


Lenient definition and meaning. What does Lenient definination?

Example of Lenient

  • A journalist in Melbourne wrote a column suggesting that a local magistrate was too lenient on criminals.

  • Academic staff at overseas universities tend to be more lenient towards guest students from developing countries.

  • Dance companies are more lenient about tattoos than you might expect, and certainly more so than they once were.

  • Engineering sector lawmaker Raymond Ho said the punishment meted out was too lenient .

  • From that point of view he is absolutely right but what's wrong with a little lenience ?

  • He suggested that leaders on both sides should be more lenient .

  • He was always easygoing but not too lenient and he was always sweet but not sickeningly mushy.

  • However he has a heart problem which might cause the authorities to impose a much more lenient sentence, it reports.

  • However, Kansas law treats underage heterosexual sex more leniently than underage homosexual sex.

  • If we forgive too easily or grow too lenient in our criminal justice system, we may ignore the genuine harm done.