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Definition of Lax


(of the limbs or muscles) relaxed.

And with that said, her body went completely lax in his arms.

not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful.

Many social problems stem from lax enforcement of strict legal code.

Lax definition and meaning. What does Lax definination?

Example of Lax

  • A review of electronic security inside commonwealth agencies has reportedly uncovered a culture of theft and lax security inside the public service.

  • Adele slumped back into the chair and forced her muscles to go lax .

  • And with that said, her body went completely lax in his arms.

  • Caring does not mean you are soft and lax on standards.

  • Despite continuing lax enforcement, concern rose at the end of the century, in response to a perceived increase in the consumption of whisky.

  • He had, by now, stood up, but his lanky limbs were still lax as his back steadied itself against the wall.

  • He was round, balding, and held a monocle in one lax hand.

  • His eyes were closed, muscles lax , breathing barely detectable.

  • His friend sagged slightly then, something that looked like the beginnings of tears glimmering on his eyelashes as he pulled lax fingers into action and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

  • I stagger down the street for a while before my lax limbs become used to working again.