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of or like iron.

an irony gray color

the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

You can not express irony or metaphor effectively in ticker-tape speech.

Irony definition and meaning. What does Irony definination?

Example of Irony

  • A tale of two cities, heavy with irony and laden with symbolism, was played out over the summer.

  • But did he know he would use irony to such clever effect even a moment before he began doing so?

  • But perhaps the most bitter and disturbing irony is that the best surf tends to arrive during the winter.

  • But the jokes, slang and heavy irony that make up the established banter of the building trade could be heading for extinction.

  • By this point in the movie, Banek can only laugh with caustic irony at this diatribe.

  • Expressing yourself through irony is the way to go these days.

  • His behaviour is a perfect expression of courtesy and good feeling with a spice of irony in it.

  • However, it soon dawned on me that these people were actually real activists, and their chants were not a form of deliberate irony .

  • I enjoyed your piece, Tom, I like contradictions, irony , humour and absurdities.

  • I was teaching a basic college writing course one summer at the local community college and I wanted to explain irony as a literary device.

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