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accuse or blame.

We are unpersuaded by Jordan's complaint that he would have taken a different approach in cross-examining the clerk had he known that Scott would not recall inculpating him to the police.

Inculpate definition and meaning. What does Inculpate definination?

Example of Inculpate

  • Allen's videotaped statement containing the material inculpating his mother was played twice before the jury.

  • But these facts having been established in their general aspect, it remains for us to complete our task by giving them juridical significance, by analysing them with reference to the law of which they constitute a violation, and by making clear the inculpations , - in other words, by fixing the responsibilities of each defendant in respect to that law.

  • Each new detail is provided to exonerate administration officials but as often as not they tend rather to inculpate them.

  • Hence the legislature determined to prevent the enactment, if not used by the prisoner, from being employed as a means of inculpation .

  • Husband Craig countered with indignant remonstrations and two-fisted inculpations of his own in court filings last week.

  • It follows that the principle as enunciated in Sharp is that both the inculpatory and exculpatory parts of a mixed statement are admissible as evidence of their truth.

  • It is open to argument, too, that the effect of Jemery's statement on the defendant was heightened by Jemery's removal from the case upon acceptance of his plea, as the jury might thereupon assume Jemery's guilt and incline to take his confession to be a truthful inculpation of the defendant.

  • It is really a matter for the jury whether your client's own remarks in that telephone conversation were inculpatory or not.

  • Mr Byrne, you would say that even if the applicant knew of the presence of these things, that does not necessarily inculpate him.

  • On August 19, 2002, she gave an inculpatory statement to the police. She has been in custody since that date, a total of seventeen months.

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