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(of a lettuce or cabbage) form a head.

Under very cool conditions, as in an unheated solar greenhouse or a polyethylene tunnel, any Asian heading cabbage will grow more loose and open.

a body of water kept at a particular height in order to provide a supply at sufficient pressure.

Measurements in a number of wells are required to map the distribution of hydraulic head within an aquifer.

a person considered as a numerical unit.

If the owner only gets a handful of visits a year it effectively costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds a head .

a superficial deposit of rock fragments, formed at the edge of an ice sheet by repeated freezing and thawing and then moved downhill.

The rock and soil debris may even move on very shallow slopes, resulting in a large accumulation of head at the valley bottom.

a thing having the appearance of a head either in form or in relation to a whole, in particular.

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Example of Head

  • head chef

  • head coach

  • a pipe band will head the parade

  • And, in any event, the banks are at the head of the queue, so other creditors are unlikely to see a penny.

  • Before Oakbank, he was an associate head at Hanson Secondary School, in Bradford.

  • Bridlington now head the league, albeit on points difference only.

  • By 1992 it had the highest quantity of arms per head of population of any country in the world.

  • For example: the recording head is now on the under side of the disk, to avoid problems from dust on the disk surface.

  • He had no head for business, but he was supported by powerful patrons who commissioned photographs from him.

  • He left me at the head of a flight of stairs leading to the basement.

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