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(in names of family relationships) denoting one generation removed in ascent or descent.

a grand-niece

a grand piano.

Keys continue into the body of the piano for another twelve inches or so, making the entire key about eighteen inches long in upright pianos and smaller grand pianos, and almost two feet long in nine-foot grands .

a thousand dollars or pounds.

Two grand doesn't go far when consulting a lawyer for legal advice.

denoting the largest or most important item of its kind.

The main hospital clock tower and grand entrance hall will be used for health care.

magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style.

And do you want an intimate room, modest in size, or a grand space with a lofty ceiling and broad expanse of floor?

Grand definition and meaning. What does Grand definination?

Example of Grand

  • Above everything else, hunting is good times - no - make that great and grand times with family and friends.

  • All of this was much to the amazement of my grandfather, who observed that two and a half grand spent on a marine conservation expedition had left me with some useful skills.

  • And if they can be made on such a grand scale, who says smaller mistakes can't be made too - mistakes that it would be less easy to spot?

  • At fashion shows, whether organised on a grand scale by professionals, or at the amateur level by college students, the saree display always fascinates the audience.

  • But not all her work is so high-tech, or on such a grand scale.

  • Clearly visible was the grand entrance foyer and marble staircase with piles of rubbish in the reading room.

  • Despite its grand , stately appearance, this fine city struggles, shrouded in a shadow of gloom and misery, crushed under an iron fist of oppression.

  • Fifty grand is not a lot of income any more: In many areas of the country it is not enough to qualify for a home mortgage, for example.

  • If gardening is your passion, do it on the grand scale.

  • If you know Mrs. Mariwala you know one would hesitate to call her a grand old lady, so zestful and active she is.