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Definition of Genuine


truly what something is said to be; authentic.

Performed with such brilliance, they aptly recreate genuine folk music of the era.

Genuine definition and meaning. What does Genuine definination?

Example of Genuine

  • ensure the signature is genuine

  • He laughed again, but this time it seemed more genuine .

  • He said the defendants had lied to police, lied to the court and demonstrated little genuine remorse.

  • he seemed genuine enough

  • I began putting on shocked faces, trying to decipher which one seemed more genuine .

  • I want to be able to go over to Brick Lane in the East End to eat a real, genuine London bagel.

  • In Johns case, the genuine affection that people had for him shines through.

  • is the offer genuine?

  • It advised traders to be careful that they only sold genuine licensed products.

  • It is a shame that governments do not have the same genuine compassion shown by ordinary citizens.

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