Definition of Front


(of a building or piece of land) have the front facing or directed toward.

The Bradford Sunwin House store is available alongside neighbouring land fronting onto Thornton Road known as Southgate.

(of a vowel sound) formed by raising the body of the tongue, excluding the blade and tip, toward the hard palate.

I've got a girl's name when written down, but it's got a front vowel when pronounced.

a person's face or forehead.

an appearance or form of behavior assumed by a person to conceal their genuine feelings.

We are scared and we are shaking and we are trying to put up a brave front , but we have no frame of reference for something like this.

articulate (a vowel sound) with the tongue further forward.

all speakers use raised and fronted variants more in spontaneous speech

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Example of Front

  • front vowel

  • After flying into my neck, the roach flew off toward the front of the pool hall.

  • Before she could reply, the heavy front doors opened and closed.

  • Bill's face appears on a poster and on the front of a free newspaper in the latest campaign highlighting Post Office services.

  • Both of the boys jumped out onto the stage, and slid on their knees to the front of the stage.

  • Colin Murray will front the programme when it launches in January.

  • Decide which sweater neckline you prefer and use it to cut the upper garment front .

  • Developments on the pension front have dramatically altered the equilibrium in the workplace.

  • For the leader's speech they all positioned themselves at the front of the hall, and they all shook his hand as he made his way to the podium.

  • He drove the enemy back at Verdun and protected the front while the French army was in disarray.

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