Definition of Free


(of a literary style) not observing the strict laws of form.

Eliot famously thought that no verse was free , for the poet who wanted to do a good job.

(of the wind) blowing from a favorable direction to the side or stern of a vessel.

The schooner had a free wind, and was substantially running before it.

free of or from.

given or available without charge.

Admission is free for children accompanied by an adult.

not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded.

Angie braced herself for a fight but was able to yank her hand free with relative ease.

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Example of Free

  • As the electrons are free to move they do so until they find positions where they feel no net force.

  • Be sure to leave August 14 free with a home coming dance in the Royal Oak Hall.

  • He also published occasional verses, satires, and a free translation from Virgil.

  • He had to hack himself free with a knife and fell 40 feet, knocking himself out.

  • He is someone who doesn't live by any rules and you can clearly see that he's very free in his approach.

  • Her hands flailed wildly, searching for anything to help her free herself from his grip.

  • In other words, the domains in which a pronominal must be free are much more restricted than those in which an anaphor can be bound.

  • It is perhaps this faith, that has enabled her to be so free in her art so there are always new ideas, new approaches.

  • McKay is not the only one who used her free time to help make the patients more comfortable.

  • Member states are free to choose their own design on the other side of the card.

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