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a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral.

Buddha Stories is a collection of animal fables that teach the moral principles of Buddhism.

tell fictitious tales.

For a ‘tale, taken from… facts,’ Castle Rackrent's fabling and didacticism are remarkably insistent and cohesive.

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Example of Fable

  • ‘That's another fable they've come up with,’ corrected Kuklinski.

  • As feminist fable , the film is tart, evocative, intelligent.

  • But what these two mean to each other far transcends any conventional love story-or any sentimental fable of an attachment between two lost souls.

  • By comparison, Phil Alden Robinson's Field Of Dreams is a far more stirring yet gentle sporting fable , a hymn to self-belief that continues to inspire.

  • Here's a story - a fable , really - of a noble company and its difficult encounters with a fickle, fast-moving world.

  • However, no fable or legend was nearly as fantastic as the one told by the stranger who fell from the sky.

  • I do not dream nor fable

  • In The Phaedrus Plato recounts a fable whose moral is the bad effects of writing, a moral deriving from the choice he makes in thinking to resolve the dilemma that writing poses.

  • In this fable peopled with a fantastic cast of royalty, servants and talking rodents, Despereaux falls in love with a human princess and sets out to save her from danger.

  • It is apt that Virgo frames his story like a fable , as all melodrama has its origins in morality plays and/or folk tales.