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Definition of Experience


encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence).

We will experience events reflecting the inner world to match the outer.

practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

he spoke from experience

Experience definition and meaning. What does Experience definination?

Example of Experience

  • A great deal of training and experience is necessary to refine those technical skills.

  • A society which feels uncomfortable with itself tends to experience change as a destructive process.

  • Along the way, your team gains experience and develops their skills.

  • At 18 she started working in Ibiza and built up contacts and experience .

  • did you experience any pain?

  • Eventually, you will begin to actually experience the sensation of energy tingling up the spine.

  • for the younger players it has been a learning experience

  • he has experience in the field

  • He will apply them with the benefit of his professional skill and experience .

  • I have always said that I prefer to experience feelings to the full rather than shy away from them.