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Synonyms of Erroneous


Definition of Erroneous


wrong; incorrect.

There is nothing stated which is erroneous or wrong and there is no allegation that there is.

Erroneous definition and meaning. What does Erroneous definination?

Example of Erroneous

  • Acting under this erroneous assumption, he passed on this alleged order to his company.

  • And please don't bother to ‘enlighten’ me of the erroneousness of it all, because I am VERY much aware of it.

  • As a matter of fact, yesterday there was an erroneous report that he had been arrested.

  • At best it is naive, but at worst it is misleading and at times erroneous .

  • But it would be erroneous not to concede that the grouping has lost much of its zest over the past decade or so.

  • Combat practice has on many occasions shown the erroneousness of views downplaying the role of the defense.

  • Conventional hard drives can erroneously seek to an incorrect location on a platter of the hard drive.

  • Even if the award was somewhat low it could not in any way be said to be wholly erroneous or wrong in principle, he submits.

  • He believed that prosperity could only be guaranteed if the country retained the imperial connection, and maintained that the Union had failed it because of its misapplication and not because of its inherent erroneousness .

  • I hope that Mark's play is helping to change this erroneous perception.