Energetic Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of Energetic
"Energetic meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for Energetic? What does Energetic mean? Energetic definition and meaning.

Synonyms of Energetic


Definition of Energetic


showing or involving great activity or vitality.

He takes an upbeat and energetic approach to exercise.

Energetic definition and meaning. What does Energetic definination?

Example of Energetic

  • An energetic wave is then created which allows the genetic material to enter surrounding cells

  • An energetic youngster, she dabbled in countless sports before finally concentrating on hockey.

  • And those who do get into the aerobics classes are cramped into a small room, which some say is not suitable for their energetic activities.

  • Does he run around energetically first thing in the morning to get you ready for school?

  • Folk dances from the Punjab were a delight to watch, and the energetic youngsters who performed, did much to make the evening memorable.

  • Gamma rays are the most energetic of all electromagnetic radiation, and we have little experience with them in everyday life.

  • He takes an upbeat and energetic approach to exercise.

  • He was praised for his extremely energetic and effective leadership.

  • His poems display a vigorous and energetic fascination with nature.

  • Is it any wonder then that the government is concerned with an obesity problem among the young when their scope for energetic activity is so severely limited?