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Synonyms of Disagreeable


Definition of Disagreeable


not pleasant or enjoyable.

It was disagreeable to me, but I did exercise it, and no other power can be exercised in that Country.

Disagreeable definition and meaning. What does Disagreeable definination?

Example of Disagreeable

  • ‘Isn't that for sure,’ Joe mumbled not knowing what she meant but never liked to be disagreeable to a woman.

  • A sceptical sports editor eventually agreed, although he was predictably disagreeable when what eventually materialised was a ‘Why Monty Should Consider Retiring’ column.

  • Alongside Mone's name, however, we are troubled to find that of Sir Alan Sugar, who was so disagreeable to Lynn Barber recently.

  • Although he might be in culinary heaven - ‘If you're talking about food in France, you can't go wrong’ - his disagreeable kids are less than enthused.

  • At its simplest the aura may take the form of a familiar odour, or more commonly a disagreeable or even disgusting one.

  • Battles cost money that Pakistan can ill afford - they also have a nasty habit of escalating into something much more disagreeable .

  • By turns disagreeable , petulant, and self-pitying, they have as a group failed their employees, their investors, and their customers.

  • Eating meat is disagreeable to Thoreau's imagination, and his distaste of it is instinctual.

  • He is disagreeable , difficult and completely daft.

  • He may be fat, disagreeable , lazy and offensive in almost all he does, but there is no denying just how loveable that makes him.