Detached Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of Detached

Definition of Detached


disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.

That will detach the front panel - but be careful not to pull too far, or you'll yank out the front panel cables.

send (a group of soldiers or ships) on a separate mission.

While in France, the 442nd was detached from the 34th Division and attached to the 36th Division of the Seventh Army.

separate or disconnected, in particular.

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Example of Detached

  • "For the first 24 hours I was emotionally detached from everything going on.

  • "This detached home has a beautifully presented interior with a westerly rear orientation.

  • A tarmac driveway allows for off-street parking and there is also a detached garage.

  • All these practices flout psychology's belief that researchers must remain detached from their research in order to preserve their objectivity.

  • At the film's opening, Sullivan seems entirely detached from his son and the tenderness that he instantly develops once disaster strikes seems to come from thin blue air.

  • But doesn't the combination of an Oxford academic workload and a Blue Boat training regime leave him socially detached from anyone outside the tiny rowing bubble?

  • Copmanthorpe Parish Council has voiced strong objections to plans to demolish the former health centre on Horseman Lane, and build three detached town houses on the land.

  • Did you find it hard to remain emotionally detached ?

  • For sale by private treaty is a private development of just four three bedroom detached houses finished to the highest standard in the picturesque village of Ardattin in South Carlow.

  • Halifax says that the rise reflects the fact that detached houses are increasingly the aspiration of homeowners.