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Synonyms of Demeanor


Definition of Demeanor


outward behavior or bearing.

His non-smiling demeanour is all about the importance of being earnest.

Demeanor definition and meaning. What does Demeanor definination?

Example of Demeanor

  • a quiet, somber demeanor

  • Anger and resentment had elbowed aside his normally amiable demeanour .

  • Both men are renowned for their friendly demeanour and reassuring manner.

  • Despite the new grown-up demeanour , some aspects of the girl still spill over.

  • He gave coherent answers to questions and his demeanour appeared to be normal.

  • He said his demeanour and attitude during questioning was not that of a man who had something to hide.

  • Her demeanor changed from happy and excited to down and depressed within a second.

  • His demeanor and commitment to being a protector make him appear distant and serious.

  • His demeanor suddenly changed from gentle, indulgent parent, to barking hellion.

  • His demeanour as a speaker at the luncheon had to some extent prepared me.