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Definition of Court


a quadrangular area, either open or covered, marked out for ball games such as tennis or basketball.

He shook his head and ran to the other side of the basketball court outside his building to go retrieve his ball.

a tribunal presided over by a judge, judges, or a magistrate in civil and criminal cases.

a settlement was reached during the first sitting of the court

be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying.

he was courting a girl from the neighboring farm

the establishment, retinue, and courtiers of a sovereign.

Maurice's grandson William was educated at the royal court along with King Henry VIII.

Court definition and meaning. What does Court definination?

Example of Court

  • A man who attacked a prison officer while in a court dock has been jailed for three months.

  • A minimum of 60 ratifications is required to establish the 18-judge court at The Hague.

  • A spokesman denied the archbishop's action was a deliberate attempt to court conservative Catholics.

  • a squash court

  • All the celebrity magazines have their stable of favourites, whom they court with pages and pages of glowing copy week in, week out.

  • everyone in the court knew he was going down, innocent or guilty

  • Fed-up court officials refused to accept prisoners after they were brought to the court building late.

  • he appeared in court yesterday

  • he lived for four years at the court of King Philip

  • he never had to court the approval of the political elite