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Definition of Concern


a business; a firm.

The house became a business concern in 1995 after the death of the sixth Marquess.

a complicated or awkward object or structure.

a matter of interest or importance to someone.

the survival of an endangered species is of concern to wildlife biologists

anxiety; worry.

Well, I think that we have to have that deep concern , that anxiety and that's what it is.

relate to; be about.

The study of plasticity is concerned with the relationship between metal flow and applied stress.

Concern definition and meaning. What does Concern definination?

Example of Concern

  • And when they cross the finishing line in front, concern and worry give way to exultation, binding you even closer to such heroes.

  • But the law is in the first place a social matter, and its concern is other than the interest of the parties to a trial.

  • Cutler's chief concern related to the separation of powers principle.

  • He looked up at his son; both pairs of identical eyes held concern and worry.

  • housing is the concern of the Housing Executive

  • How big does a business or a concern have to be though to get that bottom line impact?

  • However the incident has caused a great deal of concern and unease in the area.

  • However, the speed in which the disease is spreading in Taiwan is still a reason for concern and worry.

  • If there is anything in these allegations, should that be a matter of concern to Christian people?

  • It continues to be a source of concern and unease for much of the nation.