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Synonyms of Competition


Definition of Competition


the activity or condition of competing.

Young wasn't aware of any tendering or competition for the contract.

Competition definition and meaning. What does Competition definination?

Example of Competition

  • competition with ungulates or condylarths appears to have been the undoing of marsupials in North America

  • a beauty competition

  • A posse of policemen should be appointed to check the scorching pace as well as competition between private buses.

  • As a result, competition between developers is likely to lead to a higher standard of finish in industrial buildings.

  • at this conservatory, competition for admissions is stiff

  • But if not, at least get over there, check out the competition , and link someone, okay?

  • For example, if one finds reduced nesting success, is it due to competition with an exotic species for a nest site?

  • For the latter, it is a case of ensuring the customer is aware of the service and is attracted to using it as opposed to the competition .

  • He said the competition in his field forced him to keep improving his work.

  • If the three branches provided the same or similar function, competition between them could arise.