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Definition of Company


a commercial business.

It is also a great avenue for local companies to advertise their business services to overseas markets.

a number of individuals gathered together, especially for a particular purpose.

the mayor addressed the assembled company

associate with; keep company with.

I am happy to return to the starting point of the journey (which is also the ending point), companied with great stories, sweet memories and interesting pictures.

the Central Intelligence Agency.

the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.

Secondly, that I love my friends, both old and new and thoroughly enjoy their company .

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Example of Company

  • a company director

  • A good mixer, Pat enjoyed company and quickly made new friendships in the area on his return.

  • a national opera company

  • At the prize distribution ceremony, the young winner had celebrities for company .

  • he bought drinks for the assembled company

  • He gathers together his company after the performance on Christmas Eve on stage.

  • He had put down his pack and was wondering what he could use for bait when a noise from further downstream alerted him to the fact that he had company .

  • he prefers his own company to that of others

  • he was silent among such distinguished company

  • he's great company

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